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Articles about Talking to

Angels, Fairies, and Spirit Guides

“Am I nuts!?”  The holy books speak of angels and prophets coming from the heavens to help, inspire, guide, and lead the various peoples of earth.  However, what they don’t talk about is the fear of insanity that immediately comes with such visits.  “What if I’m going crazy?”

The articles in this section are inspired by angels, fairies, and spirits.  It is a tribute to their help, love, and wisdom. These articles are fairly generic as far as connecting to any one religious belief system. They are just as likely to please a Christian, a Lightworker, or a Pagan, as anyone else. They are intentionally vague because it’s not our intent to discuss religion here. It’s none of our business who or what you pray to. These articles are meant to help you find your own way within your own belief system.  Angels, fairies, or spirit guides seem to be a concept that is universally accepted among most religious beliefs.  People have told stories throughout history of communicating with various spirits.

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The Joan of Arc Complex

Sometimes I think that I have a mental health problem and that at any minute the pharmaceutical companies are going to develop a cute little green star-shaped pill to cure me of my ailment.  I call it my Joan of Arc Complex.  You see I hear voices that I am pretty sure are not mine and they tell me to go out and do these stupid save the world projects.  I call them THEY or THEM because they refuse to give me a more accurate name to call them.  So, I must be crazy.

Have You Seen My Boss?

I have heard it said that I am not alone.  Apparently there’s an enormous amount of staff all doing various assignments, some in management, some in communications, some in marketing and advertising, some in product development, and quite a few new recruits who really have no idea what they are going to be doing.  I work alone in my little cubical without much interaction with my coworkers.  I am not really sure why that is, but from what I am told, my work is done best without the distraction of others.  Oh well, I think I would like to have coworkers around to distract me, but what do I know?  I know I have gone through extensive training and I am getting pretty good at my job.  I am starting to feel comfortable here.  I like my work.  From what I have read in the company newsletters, memos, and emails, other people are being trained together in groups, and quite a few are cross-training in and out of each other’s departments.  

Angel to Angel

Years ago, my minister spoke to us about how you could solicit the help of your guardian angels to help with conflict resolution.  She told us stories about how she and others had successfully asked their guardian angels to speak to the enemy’s guardian angel.  The idea being that when you find yourself in an argumentative situation with someone, that you could request that your guardian angel talk angel-to-angel with their guardian angel about finding a win-win situation.  She gave us examples of times when after asking for the angels to help mediate the problem, that the other party suddenly softened and the solutions began to easily show themselves.  As she told the stories of her successes with this approach to problem solving, I began to think about how to use it in my own life.

Entrepreneur’s Prayer

I feel myself moving very slow, dragging my feet.  I’m nervous that success will overwhelm me and my children.  Would you please come wrap your wings around us?  Guide us, protect us, bless us, and love us.  Make me feel safe so that I will speed up the pace.  I’m letting fear rob me of my motivation.  What if I really don’t know what I’m doing?  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if I never make a dime?  What if I fail?

Psychic Angels

Are you looking for a way to improve your accuracy as a psychic?  Maybe you are just thinking it would be kind of cool if you could ‘know’ things before they happen.  Call on the spirits to help you.  It is not important what label you use to wrap your head around the concept – guardian angels, fairies, or spirit guides.  You could even call on God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or whomever it is that you think of when you connect to the spirit world.  This is not the place to debate who or what it is, just call on that force when you want help with tapping into your paranormal gifts.  It could be a psychological trick that we are playing on ourselves by turning to a mysterious spiritual third party to help us with these things or it could be that the spirits are really helping us.  Doesn’t really matter does it?  Either way, you will be amazed at the results.

Hearing Voices

Have you ever been deep in thought or even sound asleep when suddenly a voice calls out your name?  You look around and nobody is there.  It is usually followed by a message or a deep sense of intuition that protects you, guides you, or somehow helps you along your way.  Sometimes the voice calls out to you to pay attention just as another vehicle is about to sideswipe your car.  You are able to take notice and avoid the accident.  Other times it wakes you up from a sound sleep to let you know that you need to check on one of your children before they wake up from a nightmare.  In a war situation, it calls out to warn you that there is an enemy sneaking up on you.  Sometimes, it is just an amazingly beautiful full moon with nobody to admire it, and you sit up in bed looking out your window feeling incredibly close to some spiritual guardian that watches over you and your family.

Whose Side Are The Angels On?

There are many times in a person’s life when they feel that they are at war with someone else.  As children we often fight with our siblings.  In high school, groups will sometimes end up at war with each other.  As couples divorcing, we sometimes feel at war with our soon to be ex-spouses.  Office politics regarding the jockeying for promotions, distribution of workloads, or the competition for a special award or acknowledgement of great achievement within one’s industry can feel like war at times.  Political races, corporate takeovers, and legal battles are all forms of war.  And of course the wars between family clans, between gangs, between the haves and the have-nots, and between nations are big and obvious leaving no room for doubt when those wars begin and end.  There are many kinds of war and they are an unfortunate but natural part of the human experience.  We have not reached a point in our evolution where every single person on the planet is capable of getting along with every other person ~ not just yet.  

The Power of Believing

This article is about a phenomenon I have observed.  It’s NOT about religion, so don’t send me any hate mail.  The phenomenon occurs regardless of what religious belief a person has chosen to embrace.  For the sake of a universal voice, I’m going to refer to ‘angels’ rather than God, Goddess, Jesus, Mother Mary, Mohammed, Buddha, Aphrodite, Zeus, Allah, or any of the other entities that folks pray to.  ‘Angels’ also will be used to cover the concepts of fairies, divas, sprites, the Tuatha de Danann, and all of the magical helpers of the cosmos.  I’m using the word ‘angels’ because as St. Thomas Aquinas said, "Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it...their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth."  Remember that I write for a global audience with many different belief systems and I am trying to make a point without favoring, endorsing, or thumbing my nose at anyone else’s religious belief systems.  With that said… what is the phenomenon that I want to share with you today?  There is an unexplainable magical power that comes from believing deep down in your heart of hearts that angels are real and that they are here to look after you.  It doesn’t matter if we ever prove that they are real or not.  It is the belief that seems to trigger the magic.

Fairies and Mental Health

Schizophrenics hallucinate alternate realities.  People who claim to have been abducted by aliens are accused of having Fantasy Prone Personalities.  So what about those of us who claim to be conversing with angels, fairies, and spirit guides?  Are we nuts?  Absolutely yes!  If we weren’t crazy before we started chatting with the divine, we soon will be.  Just the constant questioning of one’s sanity can drive a person insane.  How do you know if you are really talking to spirits or if you are losing your mind?

Where Did My Spirit Guide Go?

This is always a hard topic for me to write about.  My own inner critic still whispers into my ear, “People are going to think you’re crazy.”  Something else always whispers back, “Yeah so?  Do it anyway.  Someone has to answer their questions.”  The question I keep getting from my readers is a version of “Where did my spirit guide go?  Why can’t I connect with my angels anymore?  How come I can’t hear them?  Have I done something to upset them?”  From what I can tell, it’s been about a year now that everyone’s been having a hard time connecting to their guardian angels.  Why?  

Will the Angels Abandon Us?

If we do not behave according to a specific church’s doctrine, will our guardian angels turn their backs on us?  If we are struggling with our overall belief in God or we are questioning the validity of the holy books, will the angels abandon us?  What if we believe in God and in the Bible, but we just feel like screwing off for a while?  Will they desert us?  Do we have to be good and pure and perfect in order for angels to look after us?


What is it with angels and digital clocks?  I fell asleep just after 11 pm and am still trying to recover from the switch to daylight savings time.  I really do not need to be up and working right now, or do I?  I had asked my angels earlier today to help me write some more articles.  So, at 3:33 am they wake me up whispering something or other and insisting I need to get up and work.  Geez!  Have a little heart guys!  I have a two-year old for Pete’s sake.  Don’t they know how tired I’m going to be trying to keep up with him tomorrow!?  Nick Bunick spoke at my church years ago when his book The Messengers was such a big hit.  One of the things he mentioned that really touched me was how the angels would come to him at 4:44 and how the numbers 444 showed up all of the time in reference to them.  I knew exactly what he was talking about.  They seem to have a great love of repeat numbers.  So, as I drink my coffee and wipe the sleep from my eyes I ask them, “Well, what do you want to talk about?”

Children Who Talk to Angels

What do you do when your child begins talking to some unseen entity?  How do you determine if it is a psychic event, an imaginary playmate, or some sign of a mental health issue?  You want to handle things in a way that is best for your child and of course in a way that is not going to harm them in any way.  You also want to make sure that you speak from a spiritual belief system that you can believe in.  Your child will know if you are uncomfortable with the topic or if you do not believe in what you are saying.  They will also be able to tell if you are scared or threatened by the subject matter.  You will need to fully research the concepts and choices before saying something that you might later regret.  The first response should probably be no response.  After all, it may just be a fabrication to gain attention.  Kids do that.

Give Me a Sign!

How do you know if the voices you hear guiding you are really from some type of divine angels, spirit guides, God, or whatever other outside source that you talk to?  How do you know that it is not just you talking to yourself?  Call it your higher self, your subconscious, your id, or any other form of “me, myself, and I.”  How do you know if you are being gently guided by divinity or it is simply your deeper secret self telling you what to do or what not to do?  Ask for a sign.

The Reality of Fairies

No, I have never seen a fairy, an angel, or any other type of a spirit guide.  But I swear there are times I think that if I spun around fast enough they would be sitting there snickering at me.  Today is one of those days.  Quite often, I sit up late at night working too many nights in a row.  I also have a two-year old bouncing off the walls first thing every morning.  The combination means I am pretty much doomed to episodes of sleep deprivation every time my inner workaholic takes over.  Not a big deal in and of itself, because all things come into balance and I will end up spending a day or two lounging around doing a whole lot of nothing.  Today was supposed to be one of those days.  I went to bed giving myself guiltless permission to sleep in as long as I like.  My teenagers had already offered to hang out watching cartoons with the little one for me.  But then those wee folk decided that I had something far more important to do today.  Bright and early, before anyone else was awake, I was woken up by a persistent little voice telling me to write about fairies today.  “Okay great, but I’ll do it later after I sleep in a couple more hours.”  No, you’re going to do it now!  And so the nagging began.

Losing Faith in Fairies, Angels, and Spirit Guides

We often get angry at that which we cannot comprehend.  We do not fully understand the spiritual realm nor its inhabitants.  We tell ourselves that blind faith is the answer.  However, we are an intelligent species and as such, we will never really buy into that concept.  Remember that North America existed with its people and their cultures long before it was ‘discovered’ by Europeans.  Whether the people of Europe believed in the Mayans or Cherokee did not really alter the fact that they existed quite happily without being acknowledged as ‘real’ by the educated and civilized people elsewhere on the planet.  It is the same with the spirit world.  Whether or not we ever figure them out or scientifically prove their existence does not change whether they are real or not.  Not understanding who or what they are is the root of why we lose faith in them so easily.  

What Is Channeling?

From my earliest memories as a very young child, I have been experiencing various paranormal activities.  I had clairvoyant visions and occasionally heard voices, but mostly I “felt” other people’s thoughts or feelings.  I think my particular niche is labeled as telepathic empath.  As one of those kids who always asked, “Why?” I had to find out how all of this worked.  Like any kid with a cool new toy, I wanted to feel that rush again and again.  How do I make it happen again?  From the time I first learned how to read, I began my quest for knowledge.  What is this and how can I control it?  Years later when the ghostly presence of my celestial guides invited themselves into my reality, I had to add them to my quest for comprehension.  “Who are they and how do I control them?”  Here’s what I know so far.

Stop Searching for Rainbows, Be the Rainbow

I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer, completely engulfed while typing away at these articles and writing my little books.  One day, back in 2003 when I was newly beginning to build the website and just starting to launch my weekly newsletter, I noticed a dull ache under one arm where my breast connects just below the armpit.  As my hand would unknowingly reach up to rub it, I eventually realized there was a lump at the source of the ache.  I quickly checked the other side to see if they matched.  Nope, nothing like it on the other side.  As the next month or so went by, it finally began to fully register in my head.  I had a lump and it was not going away.  How long had it been there?

How Do You Get a Spirit Guide to Come Teach You Stuff?

I get asked some variation of this question more often than all of the other questions combined.  How were you led to this line of work?  How were you taught to hear, sense, and feel the spirit guides when they come to talk with you?  How does someone get their angels to come and teach them how to channel the voices of the gods?  How come you can hear God and I can’t?  How was I taught/led?  I was led kicking and screaming and was taught with bricks upside the head!  You’ll think I’m being silly but I mean it!

The Quest for Angels

How do I connect with my angels?  How many guardian angels do I have?  How can I improve the communications between me and my angels?  How do I call upon the angels to help me when I need them?  I was hoping you would tell me more about how to actually meet my angels and to get them to start talking to me.  I see visions and sometimes hear the voices but how do I get it to really open up the channels between us?  I wish my angels would talk to me like yours do to you.  How do I get the angels to help me to have more accuracy when I’m doing psychic readings for other people?  Why can’t I hear or feel my angels like other people can?  

Praying for Self-Confidence

There are many different aspects involved in creating our sense of self-confidence.  Most of us are quite aware of the big obvious pieces like whether or not our childhoods created a strong foundation to build upon or not.  We know that a string of broken hearts can begin eroding what confidence we may have had and that a loving supportive spouse can be our greatest asset in the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to.  We know that succeeding at our goals also adds a wonderfully rich layer towards our overall sense of self-confidence.  One aspect that often goes overlooked is how our spiritual beliefs hold a hidden resource that can keep us going when all else fails.

A Christmas Wish

I know a woman I will call “Fairy.”  I will call her that because she is a New Age type of a person.  Her friend is a woman I will call “Angel.”  I will call her friend that because she is a more traditional Christian.  And so their story begins…